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Hello, My name is Emad. I am an Engineering student and a part time blogger. My interests falls in designs, blogging and metallurgy.

If you’re looking for my blog, then here it is.


I was fascinated by websites since the age of 10. Here I am making websites, publishing content and loving this.


I was introduced to writing when I was introduced to Quora, A social site for Q&A. Since, writing is crucial part of my life. I actively write on many platforms.


Well, every Indian parents dream is that you get a descent degree before you rise in this world. I am doing fair in this.

Emad Iqbal


If you’re not having fun with what you’re doing then you’re doing it wrong

My story

About Me!

Hey! Thanks for landing here.

My name in Emad. I am pretty much an easy going guy filled with a lot of curiosity. I might be intelligent but still I do consider myself being an above average guy. I drink a lot of caffeine and that’s obvious for the work I do. Well, Engineering. 

Apart from it, I do blogging which is just a part time but I do love helping people out with the knowledge I possess. 

Unfortunately, I have also never been into relationships so far hence gets a lot of time to do such stuff. 

Mohammed Emad Iqbal

I Help You With

Getting Started With Blog or Website

It’s pretty easy to get started however, if you are less on time or doesn’t want to go technical enough then here I am.


Looking for some content to produce for your business or blog? Just want to let me write a guest post for you? Here I am.


In blogging, you are not always error free. When there’s error or you feel like you have one. Feel free to ask me up for assistance.

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What They Say?

I am amazed by this guy. I am sure that he ain't focusing on Engineering but this guy got skills in this WordPress thing. Like, he came out of nowhere on the Facebook group and answer my query. I was like, he is nothing man then I google his name and boom. Freaking blogger himself dealing with all shit all blogger like me goes through and he manages it right away along with his professional course. I am impressed man!
Blogger & Writer
He is cool. Even cooler than me I guess. You got style, I promise I ain't lying. You finish things up like a pro. I love your ability to coupe up with new problems in a bit and get away with it.
I was struggling with page builder thing and he gave right away solution to it. Like, this is it. You do it, you get out of it. I love this guy!
Chris Scott